Very worrying news, this time from Sousse. Sousse is the most important touristic city of Tunisia. According to Tunisian (Arabic) media yet unknown Tunisians tried to assassinate Kamel Morjane, heading the political party al-Moubadara and a previous minister of Ben Ali’s regime. Kamel Morjane is from Sousse himself and his party got many votes in his hometown due to the fact that he is a well-known figure there. Nevertheless he is also disliked by many other Tunisians because he was as a minister part of the dictatorship of Ben Ali.

Tonight, 3 August, there are reports coming up from radio station Jawhara FM that some fire has been exchanged in Hammam Sousse, a part of Sousse that is close to the touristic zone of Al-Kantaoui. Although more details are missing local residents confirmed that they heard gun shots. Update: police caught two of them and are looking for the third person involved in the shooting.

Some weeks ago I read an news article on (a Tunisian online newssite) where the names were listed of Tunisians who died fighting Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syrie. Most of them aged between 20 and 35. To my surprise alot of them were from Sousse and more specifically the Qalaa al-Kabira, a village very close to Sousse (probably 3 km’s) although many outsiders would consider it to be Sousse as well. Compared to the other cities the young Tunisians were from who died fighting in Syria Qalaa al-Kabira (Sousse) were overrepresented statistically. I know that there have been skirmishes before in Qalaa al-Kabira between security forces and extremists.