Within one and the same week a leftist politician was assassinated, 8 soldiers killed after they were ambushed by extremists close to the Algerian border, a cop killed in the Western city of El Kef and a bomb went off on the road from Tunis to Zaghouan. Moreover a car bomb went also off in the Tunis disctrict of La Goullette but the government has been trying to cover that one up as if its not “what it seems”.

The lack of Tunisian national security is not only worrying Tunisian citizens themselves but also other countries that have a huge interest in the region. Algeria has earlier been worried about the inability of Tunisia to deal with extremist groups seeking their refuge in the mountaineous Algerian-Tunisian border area. America is worried that “al Qaida in the Islamis Maghreb” might gain (or did already) settle down in unstable countries such as Libya and Tunisia where the state has been significantly weakened after the revolution.  Especially after the American embassy attack by hundreds of protestors in Tunis last year and the American ambassador in Libya, Benghazi, being killed in what is considered a deliberate terrorist attack. Many weapons from neighbouring Libyan are smuggled and sold in Tunisia. Although the Tunisian government tries all it can to stop weapons from being smuggled into the country and has many times intercepted them it is unable to tackle the problem. The Tunisian army has always been kept as small as possible by former president Ben Ali to limit its power and avoid a possible power struggle. Although the Tunisian army is professional it lacks the resources and strength (in numbers) to patrol both the Algerian and Libyan borders…as well as anti-terror operations against militant groups seeking to hide in the Tunisian desert in the South or mountaineous area’s in the West close to the Algerian border.